Meatsmith the carnivore’s delight

Over the years I’ve become a fan of eating meat a little less often but making sure that when I do eat it, I’m eating the good stuff.  This is where Meatsmith comes in, the butcher on Smith Street from chef Andrew McConnell.  Meatsmith provides meat to McConnell’s own restaurants, including Cumulus Inc, Marion and Builders Arms, so you know it’s the best quality.

You can takeaway some pig from Meatsmith
You can takeaway some pig from Meatsmith

I was invited to try out a range of Meatsmith goodies and so headed to the butcher to check it out.  Forget all notions you might have of butchers when you walk in.  This is the Gucci or Prada of butchers.  Everything is beautifully presented from the carcasses hanging in the window to the deli goods and jars of sauces and pickles made in house. 

Not your standard butcher's cabinet
Not your standard butcher’s cabinet

The meat on offer is top shelf.  I took home one of Cumulus Inc’s cult eight hour shoulders of lamb ($45).  It was vacuum packed and all I had to do was put it in the oven for 45 minutes to finish with the perfect cheats Sunday roast. 

My cheat's lamb roast thanks to Meatsmith's slow cooked shoulder of lamb
My cheat’s lamb roast thanks to Meatsmith’s slow cooked shoulder of lamb

Pre-prepared food is a specialty at Meatsmith. The lasagna ($22) serves four and is restaurant quality in it’s deep, rich flavour.  A friend (thanks Joyce!) brought one around when my baby was born and I have to say it’s the perfect gift for new parents. 

Meatsmith sausage roll
Meatsmith sausage roll

Meatsmith’s sausage rolls are also the bomb (again you just pop them in the oven) and I’ve formed quite an addiction to the zucchini pickles.  

Deli goods on sale at Meatsmith
Deli goods on sale at Meatsmith

Prices are not cheap but you are paying for quality here.  That’s something I think is worthwhile doing, particularly when it comes to meat.  It’s also worth noting Meatsmith is open for longer hours than most butchers.  It’s open until 7pm most nights and all day Sunday which is real saviour.  If you’re a meat lover, a visit to Meatsmith is like being a kid in a candy store. 

Gourmet Chick was invited to review MeatSmith

Details: Meatsmith, 273 Smith Street, Fitzroy 3065 (Ph 9419 8558) 
Damage: Pricey

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