5 Best Defenses to Beat Illegal Substance Charges

If you’re dealing with illegal substance charges, you’ve come to the right place. This article runs through some of the best defenses to win your case. Some of them include proving that you have a prescription, that the drugs were planted, and that you were a victim of improper searching. Read ahead if you want to know what the rest are. 

Have a Prescription 

If you can prove that you have a prescription for the drugs, you could beat the charges. Of course, doing this for some drugs would be easier than others. For example, marijuana and any of its derivatives. 

Even if you have a prescription, not having a label on the bottle can get you in trouble. Keep this in mind.


Instead of proving that you have a prescription, you can prove that the substance that was found was planted. To do this, you would need a lot of information. Also, you need to have someone that would go the extent to do this to you. 

Alternatively, your attorney can request for any the complaints made against you. If one of the police officers that arrested you are on the list, your attorney could attempt to lift the drug charges by saying that one of them framed you. 

Improper Searching

If you’re able to prove that the search that the police officer did was not legal, you will be off the hook. Any evidence that was a part of your case would be thrown out. This is a defense that can help you get rid of illegal substance, drunk driving, and gun charges, as well as even drop fraud charge

Wrong Analysis

Your attorney can order an analysis of the illegal substances that were found, and prove that they are not drugs. Sometimes, police officers arrest people thinking something was a drug when it actually was not. 

At the same time, you could have a defense on how the lab misplaced the drugs or tested the wrong batch. As you can imagine, though, this is quite a task to do. Nonetheless, it can still be done if you hire a skilled lawyer

Drugs Belong to Another Person 

One of the most common defenses is that the drugs in question belonged to someone else. If you had no idea that they were in your house or car, you can’t be sent to jail. You could easily go for this defense if you happen to live with other people, especially people who don’t have the best history with the law. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to beating illegal substance charges, there are many points to consider. One of the most common ways to win the case is to prove that you have a prescription for the drugs that you were in possession of. If not for this, you could prove that the illegal substances belonged to someone else. This would be easy if you live with people who don’t have the best history with the law. 

All in all, hopefully you found everything that was discussed useful.