Offering feedback to employees is crucial in making sure that they can correct their mistakes. They need to learn along the way to do a better job in the future. The problem is that some employees don’t do well when given feedback. They tend to react negatively and take the feedback as a personal attack.

The truth is that employees need to receive feedback. They need to hear the truth and correct mistakes. Otherwise, they will keep doing the wrong thing. It could have negative repercussions for the business. If you want to provide quality feedback without hurting other people’s feelings, these are some tips to consider.

Be specific about the feedback

You can’t give general comments and vague information. Employees won’t learn anything from it. Apart from giving specific feedback, you also need to offer suggestions for improvement. Provide options so that the employee knows the next steps.

Don’t be angry

Sometimes, it’s frustrating when your employees aren’t doing as well as they should. It’s even worse for those who have been around for a long time. Seeing them make repeated mistakes might trigger a negative response from you. Before you start to scream in anger, you need to learn how to contain your emotions. It won’t help if you get angry since it’s unclear to the employees why you react that way. Gather your thoughts first before you call for a meeting to discuss ways to improve things.

Avoid using a judgmental tone 

Some employees are willing to hear feedback, but they also don’t want to feel belittled. Therefore, you have to be careful with your tone. You need to provide feedback in a way that encourages employees to do better. You also need to select the words you use. Avoid sounding too negative and be careful with some of the words you use.

Keep it short and concise 

Even if you must provide details when giving feedback, you still need to be concise. You can’t go on for too long, or else it will be confusing. If you have a lot to say, you can divide the conversation into different sessions. It allows the employee to have a better grasp of the feedback.

Be clear about the goal

The reason why you’re giving feedback is that you want the employee to do a better job. The intention isn’t to humiliate the employee or prove the person wrong. You want to offer room for improvement so that next time, the results are better. You also have to talk about the bigger picture, and how it affects the business in the long run.

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Hopefully, things will be better, and your employees will improve their performance in the future.